Futureguard the aesthetic solution for your carpark safety,  the unique carpark barrier System.   FutureGuard is a fully tested and competitively priced vehicle barrier system that looks too good to sit on the side of the road! A proprietary system, designed, developed and tested here in Australia, this revolutionary new vehicle barrier system is specific to carpark applications and industrial safety. 


Reduce the risk of serious injury and damage to property. MeshGuard is a competitively priced hybrid system incorporating spring steel legs that has been specifically designed as a carpark barrier system to bring greater protection to you and your customers. It caters for non-reinforced parapet walls or upstands where handrails are not required.


Fixed posts with W Beams for use in industrial settings, driveways, and docks. We also install industrial metalwork packages using fixed posts with W-beam as well as Flex 240 at the end of driveways. These packages include supply and install bollards, wheelstops, handrails,and downpipe protectors,etc. .

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